fonZ searches among the installed fonts and let the user choose among those found which one to use for the web page / html css javascript

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fonZ searches among the installed fonts
and let the user choose
among those found
which one to use
for the website

html css javascript

fonZ for now has 4 files
1 html example page with css embedded for the page and fonZ
2 js one for fonZ application and the other for a list of fonts - only the name
1 image svg optional for the background

released versione beta zeta 5

now fonZ is to right and the scroll bar to left
panels change form when fonts are written
button are hidden when the script is searching for fonts
more fonts

released version beta zeta 4

speed because the script was braked
issue now too many movements
progress bar
list redeployed
fonts added
and something always is forgotten


download the files and put the scripts in a folder named js
and the image in his img folder
or use other names or locations and change the links in the example page
download and unzip the zip file
open the example page in a browser and run the script

fonZ can run in any location with or without a webserver
without server fonZ loss some functions and the user cannot save his choice
because fonZ need some cookie for stored the name of fonts found
if it finds something

Usage without the example page

put the code at bottom of example page in your page
put the css code of fonZ in a css file or embedd it
link the scripts
update done though
the script modify the font of body tag
others directive should be prevail
issue need testing

Add more font names

add the names to the script for fonts where are stored the existing font names and in the same format i.e. ‘times’,’another name of font’,’serif’,’etc etc’,
for now fonZ support until 324 fonts
but is quite simple enlarge that limit

notice - version beta zero 2 was labelled bugged

new version fixed bugs and has a new button

how it works

fonZ writes a phrase in the style of the searched font
comma ungraceful degradation to a generic font
and the same phrase with that generic font
then it reads the width of those phrases using the offset.Width property
if they match it means almost nothing
if they don’t it means just an installed font
now fonZ stores new name and creates a new font button


start it runs the fonts are ready to be chosen

demo shoud be runs the most recent version of fonZ